Massive Tech Portfolio Needed to Stabilize Concentrations

“Greenhouse gas offsets are critical as a bridge to the energy systems of the future.”

Today’s Technology Actions that Provide 1 Gigaton/Year of Mitigation Major Issues
Coal Plants Replace 1,000 Conventional 500-MW Plants with “Zero-Emission” Power Plants Technical, Social, and Economic Viability
Geologic Sequestration Install 3,500 Units at 1 Mt of CO2 Per Year Technical, Social, and Economic Viability
Nuclear Build 500 1 GW Plants Economics, Safety, and Non-Proliferation
Efficiency Deploy 1 Billion Cars at 50 MPG instead of 20 MPG Distributed Opportunity that is Hard to Capture
Wind Install 750 x Current U.S. Wind Generation Geographic Limitations, Storage
Solar PV Install 4,500 x Current U.S. Solar Generation Geographic Limitations, Storage