Why should we offset?

Environmental awareness is no longer a trend, but a way of life. It has long been known that transportation is a leading cause of atmospheric pollution. Climate Clean offers a way to balance out the emissions produced by a vehicle, allowing drivers the opportunity to offset their vehicles’ emission signature from the moment of ownership.

Why go with Climate Clean?

Climate Clean operates under the belief that only the best will do. That is why Climate Clean offers a high quality product backed by a knowledgeable, accessible and friendly staff to assist you in the sales process.

I thought all offsets came from trees?

Trees are certainly a necessary and beneficial part of our environment – they provide beauty, protection, resources and absorb carbon. However, there are many challenges when considering forestry offsets.

For example:
– Scientists have yet to agree upon an exact measurement for carbon sequestered in trees.
– It is difficult to guarantee the permanence of a tree.
– Leakage.  Does protecting a forest in one location lead to the destruction of a forest in a another location?

Another popular offset is wind power. Creating energy by harvesting wind power is a great way to utilize Earth’s natural resources.  However, selling credits from green energy does not in itself reduce emissions. A true offset is generated by a project that directly reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere (therefore the ‘green’ energy must be displacing an equivalent amount of ‘dirty’ energy from the grid, rather than supplementing it). In addition to a direct GHG reduction, an offset project must demonstrate ‘additionality‘. This is only possible if a project funded by offset sales would not have occurred without the additional funding from their sale.

We provide high quality offsets sourced from real and verifiable projects that make a great impact on our environment. That is to say that we do not sell credits from  ‘green’ energy projects that cannot verify their additionality or impact.  Such projects sell offsets based on the amount of green energy created rather than the amount of emissions avoided.

Climate Clean carefully sources its offsets from a variety of projects located around the world that create the greatest emission reduction possible as well as meet the most stringent and recognized international standards for offsets.  Our diverse portfolio includes offsets from projects such as methane capture, utilization and capture of waste heat and GHG recovery and destruction.

How can you be sure of a vehicle’s GHG emissions?

Carbon emissions are calculated based on fuel consumption. Climate Clean has created a system that takes raw EPA MPG data, correlates it with the VIN and then calculates the corresponding greenhouse gas (GHG) output. This way you can be assured that your vehicle’s specific GHG footprint has been accurately calculated before offsetting.

Do you have to make any changes to the vehicle?

Absolutely no changes will be made to the vehicle. Climate Clean applies offsets created elsewhere in the world against the physical emissions of the vehicle, thus balancing the emissions for the vehicle. The entire process is done remotely and we never have to even lay eyes on your car!

Once a car has been offset, does it require additional work?

As soon as the transaction is completed, the dealership’s participation in the process is over. There is no future work required. The number of offsets applied does not change and it is assumed that the emission output remains static as well.

Do the offsets last forever?

The emission reduction credits that were created in order to offset your cars emissions are permanent. The emissions produced by your vehicle are offset for the entirety of the selected mileage package. Once the given mileage has been exceeded, the emissions of the car are no longer balanced by offsets. At that point in time you can choose to offset a given amount of future emissions once again through the nearest Climate Clean Dealership.

What do I have to do?

It’s easy! You simply make the decision to purchase your vehicle from a Climate Clean Dealership and they’ll take care of the rest!

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. Offset your vehicle’s emission signature, help save the environment. It’s as simple as that!

How do I sign up?

Visit a Climate Clean Dealership near you!