What is Climate Clean?

Climate Clean is a vertically integrated carbon management firm based out of Oregon.  We offer a diverse array of services including a greenhouse gas footprint monitoring system, the Climate Clean Embedded Label for Consumer Products and CSR & Stakeholder engagement advisory services.  Our customers include Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits and automobile dealerships.

What does it mean to be ‘Climate Clean’?

To be Climate Clean is to be greenhouse gas (GHG) neutral.  We felt it was time to go beyond the basic ‘carbon footprint’ and take action against all of the GHGs that are produced by our daily activities.  That’s why we created the ‘Intelligent Offset‘.  An Intelligent Offset is a multi-gas offset designed to match the exact percentages of each gas included in your GHG footprint with a reduction in a corresponding gas.  That way you’re not just carbon neutral – you’re Climate Clean!

I’ve seen a Climate Clean sticker on cars and other products – what does that mean?

When you see a product bearing the Climate Clean embedded label you can be assured that the product is GHG neutral.  Before issuing our embedded label, we work closely with the company to monitor and offset their GHG footprint and to implement energy efficiency programs as well as environmental and social stewardship initiatives.

Where do Climate Clean Offsets come from?

You can be confident that the emission reductions that you have bought to make your car Climate Clean have met internationally recognized and rigorous standards, and are retired automatically on Markit, the world’s largest carbon credit registry. High-quality Carbon offsets should be real, surplus, verifiable and permanent — “RSVP.”Climate Clean offsets:

• Have been implemented, and are therefore REAL
• Result from projects that would not have taken place without revenue from offset sales, a condition known as “additionality” or SURPLUS
• Have undergone a stringent design, monitoring, measurement and verification process, so that offsets can be considered VERIFIABLE, with demonstrated transparency as to how and where all investment is utilized
• Satisfy the criterion of being PERMANENT, so that local and global benefits from the projects are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

Can I purchase offsets directly from Climate Clean?

Climate Clean sells offsets directly to consumers. You can purchase offsets Here.

“Offsets are necessary while we build a bridge to the future.”