Dr. David J. Jhirad, Chairman

Dr. Jhirad is an internationally recognized leader in energy and environmental issues. He has made major contributions to electric power policy and regulatory reform, natural gas infrastructure development and international energy security. He is currently the Vice President of Research and Evaluation at the Rockefeller Foundation. Previously, Dr. Jhirad spent four years as the Vice President of Science and Research at the World Resources Institute, a leading environmental think tank headquartered in Washington, DC.

During the Clinton administration Dr. Jhirad served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy for International Energy Policy, Trade and Investment and as Senior Advisor for Multilateral and Bilateral Affairs (1995-2001). At the International Energy Agency (IEA), Dr. Jhirad served as Vice-Chairman of the Governing Board and as Chairman of the Energy Policy Committee. He led administration energy and environmental policy initiatives with Australia, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, South Africa, the G8 and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Energy Working Group. As Senior Energy Advisor to the US Agency for International Development, Dr. Jhirad was the key architect of projects to promote private investment in the power sector of developing countries.

Dr. Jhirad is a physicist previously with Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the California Institute of Technology, where he led programs on energy and power sector policy analysis, modeling and technology assessment. He has worked on optical information processing at IBM, served as Assistant Professor of Physics at Boston University and the University of Massachusetts and is a former director of the Union of Concerned Scientists in Cambridge. He co-authored the book, Energy Strategies: Toward a Solar Future and over 60 technical papers.

Dr. Jhirad holds a PhD in applied physics from Harvard University, where he won the Bowdoin Prize for excellence in research. He also holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in physics and applied mathematics from Cambridge University and a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in physics from Delhi University.

William A. Nitze, Vice Chairman & CEO

William A. Nitze has been working on energy and environmental issues for most of his career. Mr. Nitze currently serves as Chairman of Oceana Energy Company, a company that is developing a new technology for converting tidal energy into electricity and is co-founder of GridPoint, Inc., a company that designs and manufactures intelligent energy management systems for the home and small business. “He also chairs a small non-profit, the Galapagos Conservancy, and serves on the Board of the Alliance to Save Energy.” Mr. Nitze served as Assistant Administrator for International Activities at the Environmental Protection Agency (1994-2001), where he made environmental security a focus of the agency’s international work, establishing a formal working relationship among the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy and EPA on environmental security issues.

As President of the Alliance to Save Energy (1990-94), Mr. Nitze led a broad coalition of business, government, labor and consumer interests in supporting and implementing policies and programs to promote energy efficiency ranging from energy efficient building codes to efficiency standards for appliances to energy efficiency incentives in mortgages and commercial leases. As Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Environment in the Reagan and Bush Administrations (1987-1990), Mr. Nitze was the principal working level negotiator on multilateral environmental issues ranging from trade in endangered species to climate change. In 1988, Mr. Nitze played a key role in creating and organizing the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

After leaving the State Department in early 1990, Mr. Nitze was Visiting Scholar at the Environmental Law Institute, where he wrote a monograph entitled The Greenhouse Effect: Formulating a Convention. Many of the elements discussed in the monograph were subsequently incorporated into the Framework Convention on Climate Change, signed in 1992. Prior to entering the public policy arena, Mr. Nitze spent fourteen years at the Mobil Oil Corporation (1974-1987), where he served as Assistant General Counsel, Exploration & Producing Division and General Counsel, Mobil Japan. Mr. Nitze holds B.A. degrees from Harvard College and Wadham College, Oxford and a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School.

Katy Eymann, J.D., President & General Counsel

Ms. Eymann is the Corporate Secretary for Climate Clean. A lifelong Oregonian, Ms. Eymann has dedicated her career to protecting the local environment and wildlife as well as the rights of her fellow Oregonians. Her extensive State legislative experience includes fighting for sound allocation of funds for trout production, representing commercial crab fishers for the Oregon Crab Fleet and serving as Chair of the Board for the Oregon Board of Maritime Pilots and Legislative director of the Oregon Chapter of National Organization for Women. Ms. Eymann has also lobbied at the Federal level on behalf of the Dungeness Crab fishing fleets of Washington, Oregon and California.

Ms. Eymann is also passionate about her local surroundings as well. She has drafted several assessments for potential Oregon Solution projects in Coos Bay, Port Orford and Gold Beach, Oregon and is currently working with Port of Port Orford, City of Port Orford, local interest groups, State of Oregon agencies and the US Army Corp of Engineers to find sustainable solutions to the problem of shoaling in the Port of Port Orford harbor.

Ms. Eymann has extensive experience as a public speaker and a business coach and has worked in a variety of upper management and consultant positions for organizations such as Oregon Solutions, Projects Unlimited, Friends of Jim Gilbert and Executive Director of the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association.

Katy received her Doctor of Jurisprudence and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oregon and resides with her husband, Bill Bradbury, in Salem and Bandon, Oregon.